Mark William Whittingham and Connection Blue Pty Ltd - Public warning

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8 March 2013
Public warnings

Public warning issued under Section 223 of the Australian Consumer Law

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria has issued a public warning about the conduct of Mark William Whittingham and his business Connection Blue Pty Ltd.

Mr Whittingham has been sending unsolicited emails to real estate agents, advertising rent rolls for sale through his company, Connection Blue Pty Ltd.

Several agents in Victoria and New South Wales have complained that they paid Mr Whittingham for rent rolls but did not receive the product or a refund.

In one instance, it is claimed a Victorian estate agent paid $135,000 for rent rolls but did not receive access or a refund.

In similar complaints about Mr Whittingham, another Victorian estate agent alleges to have paid $24,200 and a New South Wales agent claims to have paid $1000.

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria issued a public warning in September 2012 about the conduct of Mr Whittingham and his former company, which purported to offer loan trail books for sale to brokers: Public warning - Buy A Trail Pty Ltd and Mark William Whittingham.

Consumer Affairs Victoria is concerned about the continuing conduct of Mr Whittingham and has issued legal proceedings in the Melbourne Magistrates Court, seeking an interim injunction against Mr Whittingham.