My Tiny Home Kit - Enforceable undertaking

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18 January 2024
Enforceable undertakings News alerts

A kit home retailer and its director have agreed to make changes to its business practices, following numerous complaints to Consumer Affairs Victoria.

My Tiny Home Kit is an online retailer that designs, manufactures and supplies `tiny home’ kits via its website

Consumers who have contacted us have complained that the business has:

  • accepted payment, but failed to supply kit homes within a reasonable time, or at all
  • only supplied incomplete kits, and
  • failed to provide refunds.

Director Spencer William Porter, 24, of Clyde North has entered an enforceable undertaking (a legally binding written agreement through which a business commits to amend certain business practices).

For affected customers identified as part of our investigations, Porter has committed to:

  • making contact by email, post and text within three business days of the undertaking’s commencement date; and
  • offering customers the choice of:
    • a full refund within 21 days of their written acceptance of the refund offer; or
    • delivery of their completed tiny home kit by the delivery date corresponding to their name, provided that My Tiny Home Kit received written confirmation of design specifications on or before 3 January 2024.

For all customers, Porter agreed to:

  • not offer to supply or accept payment for kits that the company can’t deliver within an agreed time period or a reasonable time
  • create and maintain a dedicated email account for refund requests and feedback; and
  • implement an internal complaints management system to record and respond to complaints.

Porter made the undertaking personally, on behalf of the company.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, companies must supply goods within a specified time or, if no time is specified, within a reasonable time.

My Tiny Home Kit trades under the company name MYTINYHOMEKIT Pty Ltd (ACN 663 997 448).

A link to the full enforceable undertaking can be found below.

Any customers of My Tiny Home Kit who need help dealing with the company can contact us for further information or advice.