My Tiny Home Kit - Enforceable undertaking (update)

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19 April 2024
Enforceable undertakings News alerts

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) has accepted an amendment to an agreement made with a ‘tiny home’ supplier to change its business practices.

My Tiny Home Kit (MTHK) (ACN 663 997 448) – an online retailer that designs, manufactures and supplies kits via its website – was the subject of numerous complaints to us, including that it accepted payment but failed to supply home kits, or supplied them incomplete, and failed to provide refunds.

In January, the company’s director agreed to undertake a range of actions to recompense consumers affected by its actions, and other measures directed to all the business’ customers.

Now, MTHK has sought and been granted extensions to the time it has to:

  • refund affected customers (identified in the Enforceable Undertaking) and
  • provide evidence to us confirming it has provided refunds.

CAV Director, Nicole Rich, granted MTHK’s request to vary the enforceable undertaking on the basis that MTHK has shown a commitment to comply with the promises it gave, and the variations requested by MTHK do not change the spirit of the original enforceable undertaking. MTHK has already provided refunds or final delivery of tiny homes to several affected consumers under the original enforceable undertaking.

If a trader does not comply with an enforceable undertaking they have agreed to, CAV can apply to the court for appropriate orders, including that the trader comply with the enforceable undertaking or compensate persons who have suffered as a result of the breach.

A link to the original and updated enforceable undertaking can be found below: