Open-flue heater ban – news alert

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1 August 2022
News alerts

The sale of open-flued gas heaters without specific safety features has been banned in Victoria.

The ban comes into effect on 1 August and affects new and second-hand gas heaters which cannot automatically shut down if they start spilling potentially deadly carbon monoxide.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has introduced the ban in response to a recommendation by the Victorian Coroner that the heaters be phased out.

Advice for consumers

If you:

have recently bought an open-flued gas heater

  • you cannot arrange for it to be installed – gasfitters are no longer permitted to do so. Speak to your retailer or installer to see whether you can obtain a refund. This may depend on the terms of sale or installation, or the retailer’s refund policy. You can also Contact us for further advice if you cannot reach agreement.

have one of the banned models in your home

  • you do not need to have it removed but you should make sure it is inspected every two years by a licensed gasfitter. Ensure there is adequate ventilation in your property and avoid having exhaust fans, such as a kitchen rangehood or bathroom fan, running while your heater is on.

are living in a rental property with one these heaters

  • your rental provider must ensure a safety check is carried out every two years, by a licensed or registered gasfitter qualified to perform the work. See our information about rental provider obligations.

Carbon monoxide alarms may be a cost effective way to help detect a leak if you have one of these heaters installed in your home. However, they should never replace regular servicing.

If you are not sure whether you have a model which is affected, check with a licensed gasfitter.

For more information, see the ESV website and our information about gas safety standards which apply to heating in rental properties.