Porter Davis Homes in liquidation

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31 March 2023
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The builder Porter Davis Homes Group (PDH Group) has gone into liquidation, with Grant Thornton partners appointed as liquidators.

Because PDH Group is in liquidation, impacted consumers in Victoria are advised to lodge their interest with the appointed external liquidators, Grant Thornton partners:

Impacted consumers may also be able to claim for unfinished or defective work under the builder’s domestic building insurance. Domestic building insurance (also called builders warranty insurance) is taken out by a builder on works valued at more than $16,000.

Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) is a major provider of Domestic Building Insurance in Victoria.

More information about lodging a claim with VMIA can be found on the VMIA (Domestic Building Insurance) website.

If the builder’s domestic building insurance policy is with another insurer, you will need to contact that insurer to lodge a claim.

We understand this will be a stressful time for many people who have contracts or unfinished building works with Porter Davis Homes. Consumer Affairs Victoria is monitoring this situation closely to ensure impacted consumers are aware of their options for remedy.