Robsco Nominees Pty Ltd - Court action

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11 August 2014
Court actions

Frankston Magistrates’ Court has fined former Seaford motor car trader, Robsco Nominees Pty Ltd, for breaches of Victoria’s motor car trading law.

The court fined Robsco, which was a licensed motor car trader (LMCT) from 21 November 2002 to late 2012, $2,500 without conviction for:

  • selling a car by consignment
  • failing to include the odometer reading and roadworthy certificate details of two other cars in its dealings book
  • failing to display a notice containing the LMCT number.

The Motor Car Traders Act 1986 prohibits consignment selling. This includes offering to sell or selling a car as an agent for a person who is not a LMCT.

The court found Robsco offered to sell a car for a consumer and did not offer to buy it outright. The consumer later saw the car on display at Robsco’s premises and learned that it was sold to a wholesaler in late 2012. She had not signed any documentation to transfer the vehicle to the wholesaler.

The court also ordered Robsco to pay $1000 in costs.

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