Sedinsi Pty Ltd and Peter Murray Daly - Court action

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23 October 2017
Court actions

A director of a Southbank estate agency has been penalised $1,000 for contraventions of Victoria's estate agent laws.

Consumer Affairs Victoria took action in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal against Sedinsi Pty Ltd (which operated as Daly Property Group - ACN: 057261195) and its director and officer in effective control, Peter Murray Daly, 58, of Malvern, alleging a number of contraventions under the Estate Agents Act 1980.

The tribunal found that Sedinsi and Mr Daly had failed to:

  • keep full and accurate trust accounting records
  • have Sedinsi's trust accounts audited within three months after the end of the 2012-2015 financial years (inclusive)
  • lodge a copy of an audit report within 10 days of receiving it
  • make all records available for inspection
  • comply with an inspector's requirement.

Mr Daly has also failed to meet the requirements of an office in effective control to:

  • control and supervise
  • establish procedures, and
  • monitor a business to ensure compliance.

Many of the contraventions came to our attention during an inspection of Sedinsi's premises, and others as a result of our inquiries following up the late lodgement of an audit report.

Mr Daly and Sedinsi were also reprimanded.