Tom Bull - Court action

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31 July 2015
Court actions

A Seaford funeral director has been ordered to stop taking pre-paid funeral contracts; pay refunds to clients; and hand over that side of his business to a receiver to manage, following a hearing in the County Court of Victoria.

Consumer Affairs Victoria commenced civil action against Tom Bull, 49, owner of Seaford Funerals, alleging that he mishandled money he accepted for pre-paid funerals.

Under the Funerals Act 2006, payments for pre-paid funerals must be lodged with an accredited financial institution.

The court action came about after Consumer Affairs Victoria became aware that Mr Bull was not handling pre-paid funeral money appropriately.

Mr Bull consented to the court’s orders to refund $16,544.50 to eight consumers with pre-paid funeral contracts whose funds had not been properly invested.

The court appointed a receiver to take over any existing pre-paid funeral contracts or investment bonds held by Tom Bull.

As well as Seaford Funerals, Mr Bull has also traded under the names Rye & Sorrento Funeral Care, Westernport Funeral Care, Melbourne Funeral Care, and Dandenong Funeral Care.