Robert Pedersen and Robert Pedersen Real Estate Pty Ltd - Commencement of action

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30 December 2021
Court actions

Consumer Affairs Victoria has launched a disciplinary inquiry into a Heidelberg Heights estate agency and its director, alleging that they breached Victoria’s estate agent laws.

As part of our compliance monitoring and audit program, we found that Robert Pedersen, 72, of MacLeod and Robert Pedersen Real Estate Pty Ltd (ACN: 142 558 674) had not complied with a licence condition imposed by VCAT following previous disciplinary proceedings. The condition was that Mr Pedersen and the company lodge quarterly audits for a specified period.

We also allege that Mr Pedersen and his agency:

  • failed to prepare a statement of information for a residential property they were engaged to sell
  • failed to act fairly and honestly, and
  • engaged in conduct that was unprofessional or detrimental to the reputation or interests of the real estate industry.

These breaches contravene the Estate Agents Act 1980 and the Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2018.

We assert that both Mr Pedersen and his agency are not fit and proper to hold a real estate agent’s licence.

This matter is listed for an administrative mention at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on 10 January 2022.