Residency, site agreements, holiday stays

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There are laws about agreements between park owners and people who stay or live in the park.

As a park operator, you may provide accommodation for people who:

  • live in a caravan in your caravan park (residency agreements under Victoria’s Residential Tenancies Act 1997)
  • own their movable dwelling and rent the underlying land in your park (site tenants on site agreements under Part 4A of the Residential Tenancies Act)
  • stay in your park for holidays and other short-term accommodation (fair trading laws apply).

For more information about when residency agreements and site agreements apply, view Different rental agreements.

For information on the differences between residential parks, rental villages and retirement villages, view What is a retirement village?.

Holiday and short-term accommodation in your park

Holiday and short-stay accommodation (less than 60 consecutive days) are not considered rental accommodation under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. Holiday accommodation is a service that is regulated by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

Under the ACL, you provide guarantees on goods and services that you supply to a consumer. You can find more information on Consumer guarantees that apply automatically.