Price list requirements

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You must ensure your price lists comply with the Funerals Act 2006, which complements the general Australian Consumer Law provisions on cost disclosure.

Price lists must be clear, legible and detail all the goods and services you supply. The price list must reflect the maximum price you charge for funeral goods and services.

It must also include:

  • a description and total price of your goods and services, including any packages
  • a list of any service fees you may charge
  • a description and total price of your basic funeral service
  • the full range, description and price of all available coffins, or advice that a separate coffin price list is available.

You must give a copy of the price list (and any separate coffin price list) to anyone who asks about the price of your goods or services.

Before you enter an agreement, you must give your customer a statement of itemised funeral costs, including service fees, disbursements and your complaint-handling procedure.