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Unlicensed operators

We will enforce the requirement for rooming house operators to be licensed.

Operating a rooming house without a licence will be a serious criminal offence, attracting significant penalties.

You can report suspected unlicensed operators via Report your rooming house concerns.

Building owners must notify the local council if they have reason to believe - or should know - that a building they own is being used as an unregistered rooming house. Failing to do this is an offence (60 penalty units).

Penalties for unlicensed operating

The maximum penalty for an individual operating a rooming house without a licence is two years’ jail, or a fine of 240 penalty units (over $44,380).

A body corporate which operates while unlicensed faces a maximum fine of 1,200 penalty units (over $221,900).

The value of a penalty unit is $192.31 for financial year 2023-24. This amount will change at the start of each financial year. For more information, visit Indexation of fees and penalties - Department of Treasury and Finance.