Public register - rooming house operators

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You should always confirm the rooming house operator you are dealing with is licensed.

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Information in the public register

The public register contains only current information and is limited to those items listed below. The rooming house operators public register contains:

  • For each licence that is granted:
    • The name of the licensee
    • The ABN or ACN of the licensee, if applicable
    • The date on which the licence is granted
    • The expiry date of the licence.
  • For any licence that is cancelled or that the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) refuses to renew:
    • The name of the former licensee
    • The ABN or ACN of the former licensee, if applicable
    • The date on which the licence was cancelled or the application for renewal was refused
    • The grounds on which the licence was cancelled or the application to renewal was refused.

The registers are only as accurate as the information provided to the BLA. There may be a delay of at least one hour between when the BLA receives information and when you can see it in the register.

Note: The rooming house operator register does not record the premises at which licensees operate a rooming house. That information is recorded in the council’s register of rooming houses.


More complete information about licensees is collected and kept in the register, including the residential addresses of those people holding an individual licence. A member of the public can request an extract of the register by paying the prescribed fee.

We keep a record of every person that applies for an extract of the register.

Application for suppression of details

A licensee can use this enquiry form to ask the BLA to suppress their address details. The request must detail the exceptional circumstances under which the request for suppression is made. There is no fee payable for this request.

You can also apply to the BLA prior to your application being granted. If the request is refused, then the licensee’s details will be displayed to the person requesting the extract.

For more information on requesting suppression, view the Public registers – restricted access content on Information and privacy – BLA.