Closing a rooming house

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If you want to close your rooming house, you must follow the appropriate notice periods on Notice to vacate in a rooming house.

Notifying authorities 

If you are closing your rooming house:

  • please contact us
  • contact your local council. This will allow the council to contact relevant agencies who may be able to arrange new accommodation and other support for your residents. To find your local council contact details, visit the Know your council website.

Ending your licence

A rooming house operator’s licence cannot be surrendered. A licence remains in force until the:

  • licence period ends
  • licensee’s application to renew the licence is refused, or
  • licence is cancelled.

Once a licence is granted, there is no provision for refunding any part of the application or licence fee.

If an operator stops operating a rooming house because of death, insolvency, external administration or becoming a represented person, an authorised person (for example, an executor, trustee, administrator or liquidator) must apply to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) within 150 days for permission to continue operating the rooming house. The rooming house can continue operating until the BLA decides the application.