What must an operator give a new resident?

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1. Rooming houses guide

An operator must give a copy of Rooming houses: A guide for residents and operators (Word, 603KB) to every new resident, either before or on the day they move in. However, if a person has entered into a valid tenancy agreement, they are then a tenant, and must be given a copy of Renting a home: A guide for tenants (Word, 344KB) instead.

2. Operator’s contact details

These include the operator’s full name, address and an emergency telephone number.

If the operator employs an agent, then residents must be given the agents full name and address.

An operator must also let residents know of any changes to their contact details within seven days.

3. Written statement outlining the residents main rights and duties

The Rights and duties of a rooming house resident statement must be displayed in every resident’s room and given to an occupant no later than the day they agree to start living at the rooming house. Download and use our Rights and duties of a rooming house resident poster (PDF, 36KB).

4. House rules

An operator may choose to have a set of house rules, which describe the rules the residents must follow. The house rules usually include things such as:

  • respecting other residents right to peace and quiet
  • not damaging any property or acting violently
  • keeping rooms clean
  • not using rooms for illegal purposes.

Residents must be given a copy of the house rules on or before the day they agree to move in, and they must be prominently displayed in each resident’s room.

If an operator wants to make changes to the house rules, they must notify the resident in writing at least seven days before the changes come into effect.

If a resident believes any of the house rules are unreasonable, they may apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to hear the matter.

5. Notice to proposed rooming house resident

The Notice to proposed rooming house resident explains to a resident if they have an exclusive right to their room, or if they may be sharing it with others.

6. A notice outlining the costs of any extra services the operator provides

This may include things such as room cleaning, linen or meals. If a resident uses these extra services, the operator must provide them with an itemised account detailing their use.