Victorian fire, flood and storm recovery

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As you recover, it is important to be aware of your rights and responsibilities.

Are you a renter whose property has been destroyed or damaged?

Read Renting - disaster advice to learn about:

  • your rights under a rental agreement
  • cleaning and repairs to a rented property
  • arranging for utilities to be restored.

Was your car or other vehicle damaged?

If you have insurance, contacting your insurance provider is usually the best course of action to take first.

Read Damaged vehicles - disaster advice to learn more about what consider if you are:

  • employing a mechanic to do repairs
  • making an insurance claim
  • buying or selling a motor vehicle affected by a natural disaster. 

Do you need help with clean up, repairs or re-building?

Read Clean up, repairs and re-building – disaster advice to find out more about:

  • talking to your insurer before you undertake repairs or rebuilding
  • what to do when engaging a tradesperson or builder. 

Beware of fake tradies

Unfortunately, some people will seek to take advantage of others in disasters.

Read Fake tradies to find out what to look out for and tips to protect yourself from these scammers and do a background check of every tradesperson or business before engaging their services.

Don't engage with anyone who contacts you offering special rates or discounts that seem to be too good to be true.

Donate safely - avoid charity scams

Charity and fundraising scams can be common after a disaster. Read charity and fundraising scams to find out how to make sure a collector is legitimate, or to report a scam that you've seen.  

Are you a business dealing with flood-damaged products?

You should be cautious when selling products damaged by floods. Read Flood-damaged products to understand your obligations and how to get more information.

Further help

Contact your local council for relief and recovery help. 

Visit the VicEmergency website for more information.

If you were also impacted by the October 2022 Victorian floods, you can continue to access recovery help through your recovery support worker.