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  • Buying into an owners corporation

    Information about buying into an owners corporation. Includes details on two-lot subdivisions, activating an owners corporation and more.

  • Buying property

    Information for consumers on selling property, using an agent, private sale, auction, deposits, contracts, conveyancing and settlement.

  • Community visitors and record keeping

    Information for support people. Read about what community visitors do, the provider’s obligations for keeping records, and how and when someone can enter the resident’s room or the property.

  • Notices to end an SDA residency

    Information for support people. See a list of notices the provider and resident can use to end the residency; includes information about possession orders.

  • What you need to know as an SDA support person

    Information for SDA support people. Find out how the law has changed. Covers what happens to existing residential statements, comparing an SDA residency agreement with a Residential tenancy agreement, and information about paying rent in SDA.

  • Residential parks

    Information to help you if you live in, or are considering moving to, a residential park (owning a movable dwelling, renting the land).


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