Refunds and returns

Information for consumers about when you may or may not ask for a refund or return on goods or services you have purchased.


Information for consumers on types of warranties, expired warranties, and repair or replacement for products under warranty.

Online shopping

Information for consumers about the steps to take when trying to resolve a dispute with an online seller.

Buying parallel imports

Information and advice for consumers about buying parallel imports.

Energy products and services

Information for consumers about energy products and services including solar energy, smart meters and energy and water efficiency.

Product safety for consumers

Information for consumers about product safety including curtain and blind cord safety, toy and nursery safety, bans and recalls.

Lay-bys and gift vouchers

Information for consumers about your rights and obligations for lay-by, gift card and gift voucher purchases.

Booking travel

Information for consumers booking travel online or with a travel agent.

Contracts and sales calls

Information for consumers about laws that apply to contracts door-to-door sales and telemarketing.

Advertising and promotions

Information for consumers about laws that apply to advertising and promotions.

MyShopRights app

Information about the MyShopRights mobile phone app for iPhone and Android, which provides information on refunds, warranties and lay-bys.

Party for your rights

Know how to use your consumer rights when purchases go wrong by playing our challenge - Party for your rights.