About enforceable undertakings

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An enforceable undertaking is a written undertaking offered by a person who admits breaching the law, confirming they have stopped and will not repeat the conduct. They may also commit to take specific measures or to implement certain procedures to ensure the problem does not happen again.

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria may accept an enforceable undertaking given by a person a person in relation to:

  • any matter in relation to  the Director’s powers or functions under the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012, or
  • a matter relating to contraventions of any other consumer Act.

Consumer Affairs Victoria maintains a public register of enforceable undertakings.

The register contains the:

  • name and address of the person(s) who made the undertaking
  • date of the undertaking
  • a copy of the undertaking.

View enforceable undertakings online

Part of the register is available online - view our recent enforceable undertakings.

View enforceable undertakings in person

The complete register is held at:

Consumer Affairs Victoria
121 Exhibition Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

The register is available for inspection. To arrange an appointment to inspect the register, call 1300 55 81 81.

Register documents cannot be removed, marked or altered.