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Infringement notices overview

We can issue an infringement notice to a person or business in cases where we determine minor law breaking is better dealt with by payment of a fine, rather than court proceedings.

Our inspectors may issue infringement notices if a person or business has not complied with legislation we administer. For more information, view About inspections.

The amount of an infringement penalty is less than the maximum penalty a court could impose.

View an example infringement notice (PDF, 39KB).

How we issue an infringement notice

We can issue an infringement notice within six months of the alleged offence.

Our inspectors can serve an infringement notice to a person by:

  • delivering it personally
  • sending it via post to their last known place of residence or business.

If the alleged offender is a company, an infringement notice can be served by:

  • leaving the notice at, or posting the notice to, the company’s registered office
  • personally delivering the notice to a director of the company who resides in Australia or in an external territory.

Amount of an infringement notice

The value of a penalty unit is $192.31 for financial year 2023-24. 

For more information, visit the Indexation of fees and penalties - Department of Treasury and Finance.

Example only: The infringement notice penalty under section 49 of the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2008 (A person must not take or dispose of a tenant's goods as a result of rent owing) is three penalty units.

If you receive an infringement notice

If you receive an infringement notice from us, you may:

Paying in full

You can pay your fine in full online by visiting Fines Victoria. That page also has information on other payment options, such as paying in person or through BPAY, phone or mail.

Paying by instalments

Companies or individuals can apply to pay outstanding fine amounts by instalments. For more information, visit Pay by instalments - Fines Victoria.

Requesting an internal review 

You may request an internal review from Fines Victoria if you feel you have been unfairly issued with a fine, or that there is a valid reason why the fine should be withdrawn.

For more information, visit the Request a review - Fines Victoria.

Hearing the matter in court

You can have the matter heard in court any time before an enforcement order is made or before the period for starting proceedings expires. It may be worth considering requesting a review before going to court.

You should get legal advice if you have received a notice to appear before a court. You may be eligible for legal aid and can apply through most lawyers, Victoria Legal Aid, many Community Legal Centres and the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service.

For more information, visit the Go to court - Fines Victoria.

Incorrect name on the infringement notice

If you receive an infringement notice and the name is incorrect, contact Fines Victoria on 03 9200 8111.

Publishing infringement notice data

We do not publish the names of individuals or companies issued with infringement notices.

We adhere to the Privacy Act 1998 in respect to releasing information about infringement notices.

We may be compelled to release information under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Interpreter service

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