Our performance

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In 2022–23 our performance reflected our timely and targeted response to some of the most pressing issues facing Victorians, as well as our efforts to continue promoting consumer and business confidence in the Victorian marketplace.

We prioritised providing relief to flood-affected people by redirecting staff from our phone helplines to help Victorians access government supports. This required adjusted hours for some of our phone queues. However, online services were available and support for vulnerable consumers and high-detriment phonelines were not affected.

In response to worsening rental affordability, we directed extra resources to rising demand for reviews of rent increases. We ensured our compliance officers prioritised these critical services over routine inspections.

Over the year, we delivered thousands of licensing and registration services to Victorian businesses and community organisations. When needed, we undertook compliance and enforcement activities.

We supported financial counselling and tenancy assistance agencies to deliver critical support to Victorians over a year in which rising cost of living pressures were a significant issue. Client cases became more complex, which reduced the number of clients we could help, but we are confident that we gave meaningful support to the most vulnerable Victorians.

We are committed to playing a constructive and supportive role in ensuring that as the economy recovers from the challenges of COVID-19, it emerges as a fair and safe marketplace for all Victorians.

Our performance is measured against target outputs specified in Budget Paper 3 2022–23. Outputs refer to the goods and services provided to government by departments, agencies and statutory bodies, and through funding provided to others, such as community agencies.

For more information on our performance against targets for output measures, see the table on page 11 of the Annual Report 2022-23 (PDF, 461KB).