Our performance

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The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact the services we delivered in 2020–21.

Some of our performance measures, which are demand-driven and vary across business activity levels, decreased or increased accordingly. We continued to focus our efforts on providing the services Victorians most needed from us during this time and protecting the rights of vulnerable groups to ensure fair and safe treatment.

We prioritised the delivery of services to support the Residential Tenancies Dispute Resolution Scheme (RTDRS), which enabled Victorians to lodge nearly 73,000 reduced rent agreements with an average 23 per cent decrease in rent payments before its conclusion on 28 March 2021.

While our telephone services were impacted by the need for our contact centre staff to work from home and prioritisation of the RTDRS, we continued to focus on providing crucial information and advice to vulnerable members of the community, including through online services.

We continued to deliver thousands of licensing and registration services to Victorian businesses and community organisations and, where required, compliance and enforcement activities.

We also supported financial counselling agencies to deliver critical assistance to Victorians over a year heavily impacted by restrictions on face-to-face service delivery.

We are proud to have played an important role in providing Victorians with necessary supports and protections required during such a challenging year.

This year, our performance was measured against target outputs specified in Budget Paper 3 2020–21.

Outputs are those goods and services provided to government by departments, agencies and statutory bodies, and through funding provided to others, such as community agencies.

For more information on our performance against targets for output measures, see page 10 of the Annual Report 2020-21 (PDF, 700KB).