Our performance

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changed the Victorian landscape and impacted the services we delivered in 2019-20.

Some of our performance measures, which are demand-driven and vary across business activity levels, decreased accordingly. We focused our efforts to provide services which were crucial to Victorians during the crisis and protected the rights of vulnerable groups during a time of upheaval.

We provided increased support for financial counselling to family violence victims during a period when the risk of family violence was heightened.

We enabled tens of thousands of Victorians to reach reduced rent agreements and therefore avoid evictions which would have had devastating impacts on both tenants and landlords.

We continued to deliver thousands of licensing and registration services and, where required, compliance and enforcement activities.

We updated our key community interface, the consumer.vic.gov.au website, to provide important information and advice during a time of great uncertainty.

We are proud to have mobilised quickly and efficiently to provide Victorians with the necessary support and protections required during our time of crisis.

This year, our performance was measured against target outputs specified in Budget Paper 3 2019-20.

Outputs are those goods and services provided to government by departments, agencies and statutory bodies, and through funding provided to others, such as community agencies.

This year's targets outputs:

  • Information and advice provided to consumers, tenants and businesses: through telephone service
  • Information and advice provided to consumers, tenants and businesses: through other services including written correspondence, face-to-face and dispute assistance
  • Number of court and administrative actions
  • Transactions undertaken: registration and licensing
  • Transactions undertaken: Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA)
  • Victims of family violence assisted with financial counselling
  • Dispute resolution services provided by Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria
  • Rate of compliance with key consumer laws
  • Regulatory functions delivered within agreed time frames
  • Proportion of high priority breaches resulting in regulatory response

For more information on our performance against targets for output measures, see page 9 of the Annual Report 2019-20 (PDF, 781KB).