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The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) holds all Victorian residential tenancy bonds, including those on rented premises, long-term caravans, rooming houses (buildings where one or more rooms are available to rent, and four or more people in total can occupy those rooms) and sites under site agreements.

The RTBA holds bonds in trust for landlords/agents and tenants, or owners and residents, giving all parties equal say on how bonds should be repaid when a rental agreement ends.

Bonds are repaid either as agreed by the landlord/agent or tenant, or owner or resident. If there is a dispute about how repayment is to be divided, an application may be made to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to decide the matter.

The RTBA processes all bond transactions on the day of receipt if they come with a correctly completed form.

If a form has not been correctly completed, a rejection notice will be sent to the landlord/agent. This notice will indicate the issues and possible remedies. Advice of the rejection is also sent to tenants by SMS where a mobile telephone number has been provided.

Bond forms

All bond transactions are processed from a form submitted to the RTBA.

The lodgement, claim and transfer forms are pre-numbered, to allow tracking in the registry system. Forms should be used only for one transaction, and not copied for multiple use.

Forms can be generated through RTBA Online (see details below), or pre-printed forms can be ordered by emailing or telephoning 1300 137 164.

Blank forms are not available for download.


The following pages provide instructions on how to prepare and complete rental bond transactions:

The RTBA will compare the signatures on claim, transfer and retained repayment forms to the signatures of the parties held by the RTBA from the lodgement or earlier transfer. If signatures do not match, the transaction will be rejected and returned to the landlord, owner or agent.

Completed transaction forms should be mailed to:

Locked Bag 007
Wendouree VIC 3355

RTBA Online

RTBA Online allows tenants, residents, landlords, agents and owners to view the status of their bond transactions and generate forms for:

  • bond lodgement
  • bond repayment claims
  • bond transfers
  • retained repayments.

Blank forms are not available for download.

Forms generated through RTBA Online must be printed, signed by the relevant parties and then submitted to the RTBA.

Forms should be mailed to:

Locked Bag 007
Wendouree VIC 3355

Landlords, tenants and residents can view their rental bond details online. The login details that must be provided are the:

  • bond number, and
  • the family name of one of the tenants or residents.

Agents can be approved as registered users; this allows them to view and undertake transactions on bonds registered to them.

Visit RTBA Online.

Annual reports

2015-16 Annual Report

Previous annual reports

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