Financial Counselling Program Update 7 - September 2016

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This update outlines changes to reporting processes for the Financial Counselling Program Family Violence Initiative 2016-17.

1 Accountability of family violence service hours

Consumer Affairs Victoria is accountable to the Victorian Government for the use of the funds provided for the Financial Counselling Program (FCP) Family Violence Initiative. It is therefore essential that you follow the business rules outlined below and correctly indicate through your client and outreach activity data the services that have been provided from the additional funding. 

2 Updated FCP Data Reporting Guide

These changes are further outlined in the updated FCP Data Reporting Guide which is available from the Funded Services Data Reporting website

3 Family violence client data reporting

Family violence clients can receive sessional or extended casework even if they do not meet the usual financial disadvantage eligibility requirements. When recording services for clients through the FCP Family Violence Initiative, the following business rules will apply: 

3.1 Financial disadvantage field

Select the applicable financial disadvantage factor. The usual financial disadvantage eligibility requirements (no income, on a Centrelink payment, or insufficient income) for the provision of extended or sessional casework will not apply to family violence clients.  

If the client is not classified as being financially disadvantaged then select ‘No financial disadvantage’.

3.2 Vulnerability field

Select ‘Family violence’ as the vulnerability factor. This should be selected for all clients that are provided with services from the Family Violence Initiative. The selection of family violence will also ensure that they are automatically eligible for sessional or extended casework. 

4 Updated Outreach Template

The Outreach Template has been revised to enable you to collect accurate information on your outreach activities for the Family Violence Initiative. 

4.1 Educational sessions 

Outreach type has been extended to include ‘Educational sessions’. An updated FCP Outreach Template containing educational sessions as an option is available from the Funded Services Data Reporting website.

4.2 Target group

The target group for Family Violence Initiative outreach activities must be ‘Family violence victims’.

5 Updated Narrative and Training Report including family violence

The FCP Narrative and Training Report has been updated to incorporate reporting on the Family Violence Initiative.

A copy of the updated Narrative and Training Report Template is available from the Funded Services Data Reporting website