What is a fundraiser?

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A fundraiser is any person or organisation, including a business, that collects money for a beneficiary, cause or thing, rather than solely for their own profit or commercial benefit. This includes collecting food, clothes and other items on behalf of a person or organisation.

Examples of fundraising activities include:

  • doorknock appeals
  • telephone appeals
  • traffic intersection and highway collections
  • golf days, movie nights and trivia nights
  • dinner dances and balls
  • public auctions
  • clothing bins
  • sale of goods at opportunity shops
  • appeals run by commercial fundraisers
  • public appeals to support clubs, associations, causes or people
  • sale of goods where part of the sale price is donated to a charitable organisation or cause.

Any person or organisation that undertakes fundraising must register as a fundraiser unless they are exempt from registration.

If you are unsure whether you should be registered as a fundraiser, please seek independent, professional legal advice.