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Incorporated association's details

Registration number: A0020093K
Registration status: Registered
Date registered: 04 January 1990
Date deregistered: -
Members: 20
Date of incorporated association name change: -
Date of last AGM: 13 November 2021


2 Purpose
The purpose of the Council, which was established as an unincorporated body in 1970, is to work for the better conservation of Port Phillip Bay by employing objectives, being to:
(a) Work for the better conservation of Port Phillip Bay and the waters, the beaches, the foreshores, the sea-bed, the tributaries, the environs and the air above those features of Port Phillip Bay; to oppose the pollution of its waters, and the air above it; to work for the preservation of its natural features in their natural condition; to work for the restoration of its natural features where this is possible; to ensure that works supposedly designed for its improvement or its use do not cause damage; and to oppose harmful commercialization, alienation, or exclusive private, commercial or official use of its public areas; and to engage in conservation activities in such other ways as the Council may decide,
(b) encourage and assist the formation of conservation bodies throughout the Council’s sphere of interest and, in particular, in areas not at present covered,
(c) represent generally the views of bodies engaged in any aspect of the conservation of Port Phillip Bay; to foster better liaison between such bodies in the interchange of information and views; to support the conservation activities of Member Organisations,
(d) co-operate or conjoin in any suitable way with other bodies or Organisations having objects completely or in part similar to those of the Council and
(e) press for the establishment of a Port Phillip Planning Authority, underpinned by integrated ‘Port Phillip Bay Catchment Management’ legislation to better reflect and protect the inextricable relationship between the Bay and its catchment, and to further seek representation of the Council on such an Authority.

Financial information

Tier: Tier 1
Ongoing financial year end date: 30 June
Last annual statement lodged: 09 February 2022


Type of rules: Own Rules
Date of special resolution where rule changes occurred: 16 October 2016


Date current secretary appointed: 20 October 2013

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