Compliance and enforcement of patriotic funds laws

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Consumer Affairs Victoria enforces patriotic funds laws in accordance with guidelines established under the Veterans Act 2005. This section outlines these guidelines.

The law requires the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria to ensure trustees: 

  • act responsibly in raising and administering patriotic funds 
  • apply the funds for the patriotic purposes for which they are donated.

Trustees may be criminally liable if money or other assets are misappropriated. They can be personally liable for any losses from a fund due to their negligence, incompetence or irresponsibility.

We will provide assistance and advice to help trustees meet their legal responsibilities, but may take immediate action to protect funds when necessary.

The director has powers to deal with a patriotic fund that is not functioning properly. For example, the director may seek a Magistrates’ Court order to deal with the trustee or property of the fund by: 

  • freezing payments or property transfers 
  • removing a trustee and appointing another person, including the Victorian Veterans Council, to act as the trustee 
  • appointing an administrator to take over administration of the funds.