When a trustee is also an incorporated association

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If the trustee of a patriotic fund is an incorporated association, two annual statements must be provided to Consumer Affairs Victoria:

  • one statement completed by the association as trustee of the patriotic fund. This statement must include the income, expenditure and balance sheet relating to the patriotic fund’s assets. 
  • one statement from the public officer of the incorporated association listing the income, expenditure and balance sheet relating to the assets of the association as presented to its members at its annual general meeting.

The association and patriotic fund accounts must be kept separate. 

We will mail the 'Patriotic fund annual statement' form to the trustee in December. We will also mail the 'Incorporated association annual statement' form to the public officer one month before the end of the fund's financial year (in most cases also in December). 

Note: these forms are not available before this time. 'Patriotic fund annual statement' forms are barcoded, specifying the fund and year. 

When lodging the two annual statements, complete the:

  • 'Incorporated association annual statement' form, excluding the patriotic fund financial information for the year, and 
  • 'Patriotic fund annual statement' form for the same period. 

Lodge the above documents with us at the same time.

If you lose your forms and want replacement copies, email cav.registration.enquiries@justice.vic.gov.au

If you have any questions about who the trustee of your patriotic fund is, contact us.