Used car vehicle status check

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Before buying a used car, you can buy a VicRoads Vehicle Report which will provide you with key information about the vehicle, including:

  • Previous roadworthy results
  • Registration and transfer history
  • Recorded odometer readings
  • Financial liability check, including an official Personal Properties Security Register certificate (this is to check if there are any recorded security interests on the vehicle, for example an outstanding debt)
  • Safety and emission ratings
  • Stolen and written off status
  • A comparison feature, presenting recent sale prices for similar vehicles.

This information will help you make an informed decision on vehicle price and safety. For an example of the report, view the Sample VicRoads Vehicle Report (PDF, 6.2KB).

Before buying a used car from a private seller, where possible, it is best to physically sight the car and the chassis number or the vehicle identification number (VIN). This will help you avoid being scammed.

For information about avoiding online scams when buying a used car, view Buying a used car online.

For information about buying an unregistered vehicle, view Unregistered vehicles.