Damage by contaminated fuel

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If you suspect a vehicle has been damaged by contaminated fuel, we recommend you:

  • seek written confirmation from your mechanic that problems with the vehicle are the result of contaminated fuel

  • contact your insurer to investigate whether you can make a claim for the cost of any repairs

  • report fuel contamination to the Federal Government’s Department of the Environment and Energy for possible investigation. Call 1800 803 772 or use the online contact form on the Department of the Environment and Energy website

  • send a formal letter to the retailer to report fuel contamination, propose a resolution and demand a response within a set time frame. This correspondence is important and may be required at a later date as a record of your complaint.

You can also seek independent legal advice or apply for a ruling from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

For VCAT action to be effective, you may need to:

  • have the fuel independently tested

  • be able to prove where the fuel was purchased.