Smart meters

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Installing smart meters

  • Energy distributors are responsible for installing smart meters. 
  • You will be advised in writing before your smart meter is installed. 
  • All installers will carry and present identification. 
  • Before starting work, the installer will knock on your door to let you know. 
  • Your power will need to be switched off for about 30 to 60 minutes. 
  • Once the smart meter is installed, you will receive instructions on how to read it.

For more information about smart meters and the installation process, visit the Smart Meters website.

Cost of smart meters

Smart meter costs will be included on your electricity bill.

Be wary of any salesperson who gives the impression that you will receive a discount or some other benefit relating to smart meters if you sign a new energy contract. This is not true. Energy distributors are responsible for installing smart meters and they will contact you by letter before installing your smart meter. 

You do not have to pay a lump sum to have a smart meter installed. If someone demands a lump sum payment, it could be a scam. For more information on scams, view Scams.