Records of disposal of uncollected goods

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If a business has disposed of uncollected goods or an uncollected vehicle without obtaining a court order, it must prepare a record within seven days of doing so.

This record must contain:

  • a description of the goods or vehicle
  • the date and method by which the business gave notice of intention to dispose of them
  • the name and address of anyone the notice was given to
  • the date of disposal
  • the method of disposal - for example, private sale or public auction
  • if the goods were sold, the:
    • name and address of the buyer
    • sale price
    • amount retained to cover the relevant charge
    • amount retained to cover the disposal costs
  • if the goods were sold by public auction, the auctioneer’s name and principal business address
  • if applicable, the amount from the sale proceeds paid to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money and the payment date.

The business must also:

  • keep the record for six years from the date of disposal
  • on request, make the record available to:
    • the person who left the goods or vehicle
    • the owner of the goods or vehicle (if this is not the same person who left them), and
    • anyone else claiming to have a proprietary or security interest in the goods.

Penalties may apply if the business does not follow these requirements.


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