Written notice of intent to dispose of uncollected goods

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A written notice of your intention to dispose of uncollected goods or vehicles must include:

  • your name
  • a description of the goods or vehicle
  • an address at which the goods or vehicle may be collected
  • the relevant charge and, if this amount is likely to increase, an estimate of further charges that will apply - for more information about the relevant charge, view Relevant charge
  • a statement that you will dispose of the goods or vehicle on or after a specified date unless they are collected and the relevant charge paid, and
  • if applicable, a statement that you will retain the relevant charge and disposal costs from the proceeds of selling the goods or vehicle.

You can give written notice:

  • in person, to the person who left the goods or vehicle, or
  • by delivering or posting it to their last known address.

For someone with a publicly-registered interest in the goods or vehicle, you can send the written notice to their address as shown in the Personal Property Securities Register website.


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