Repairs and replacements under warranty

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Generally, it is the store’s responsibility to return products to the manufacturer for repair. This may include products that are under warranty.

If the store cannot arrange repairs (for example, because the manufacturer does not have the necessary parts) or cannot do so within a reasonable time, the consumer can: 

  • have the product fixed elsewhere and claim reasonable costs from the store that sold the product, or 
  • ask for a refund or replacement.


If the consumer is entitled to a replacement product, the store must provide a product that is identical, or of similar value. If this is not available, the store can choose to give a refund or repair the product within a reasonable time. Refund and repair rights apply to the replacement product in the same way as the original product.

Store responsibility

If a consumer has a valid claim for a refund, repair or replacement, the store must handle the claim.

They generally cannot insist the consumer deals directly with the manufacturer, even if the claim falls under a manufacturer’s warranty.

Resolve your dispute or complaint

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