Building consultants

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Building consultants are a group of building industry participants. They provide advice to people involved in building projects.

They offer knowledge and expertise in a range of technical building matters, and can assist when consumers need third-party advice on an issue relating to a building project.

Their expertise is usually specific to a particular aspect of building technology or practice.

Building consultant qualifications

Many building consultants are former practising engineers or builders. Their expertise derives from significant industry experience.

Building consultants are not licensed or regulated by government, unlike most building industry participants (such as builders and plumbers).

Engaging a building consultant

There is no legal requirement to engage a building consultant when undertaking a building project.

The services they provide often relate to disputes over building work that could not be resolved through direct discussion with the builder. The dispute may have escalated to a tribunal or to a court hearing, where input from the building consultant could help support the claim.

Building consultants also offer inspection, monitoring and assessment services for building work in progress.

If you are considering engaging a building consultant, you should:

  • make sure the consultant has appropriate qualifications and expertise based on industry experience
  • make sure the consultant has specific expertise relevant to the issue that you want to address.