Selling property - checklist

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Make sure you have:

  • researched how much your property is worth
  • had at least two separate estate agents present you with a marketing plan and appraise the likely selling price of your property
  • asked prospective agents for sales records of similar properties for comparison
  • chosen an independent legal representative to prepare the Section 32 statement (vendor’s statement)
  • before selecting and signing with your preferred agent, considered negotiating the rate of commission and the cost of marketing and advertising
  • carefully looked over the sales authority and other documentation the agent has provided for you to sign
  • given written instructions to your agent clearly stating which items in the property are not to be included in the sale 
  • agreed with your agent on the price the property is to be advertised at 
  •  in the sales authority, specified the service the agent is to perform for you 
  • given your agent instructions about the offers you are willing to consider 
  • discussed and settled the terms of your proposed contract, including the time for settlement with your agent, conveyancer or legal practitioner 
  • before accepting an offer on your property, discussed the details with your agent 
  • having accepted the offer, confirmed with your agent that the full deposit stated on the contract of sale has been paid by the buyer 
  • decided whether to do your own conveyancing 
  • purchased a do-it-yourself conveyancing kit (if doing your own conveyancing)
  • arranged a legal practitioner or conveyancer to do the conveyancing, if not doing it yourself.