Transferring the bond

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Transferring the bond to another tenant or resident

If a tenant or resident changes during the lease, the landlord or property manager must submit a tenant transfer. Follow the property manager guide to transferring tenants on the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) Online website.

The RTBA does not make part-repayments on bonds. Changes to contributions to the bond between outgoing and incoming tenants is a private matter between those parties. 

Estate agents must complete tenant transfers electronically. Once they have submitted the transfer online, all tenants will receive an email to accept the transfer. As soon as all tenants agree, the transfer is complete. 

If you require a paper form, this can be generated by:

  1. entering your bond details on the RTBA Online homepage
  2. selecting ‘Transfer this bond’ from the left-hand menu
  3. selecting ‘Tenant transfer’ and enter in the details
  4. once all details have been entered, selecting ‘Generate Form’ - print it, and the property manager/landlord and all incoming, remaining and outgoing tenants must sign it
  5. mailing the completed form to the RTBA, following the instructions on the form.

If a tenant is absent

In the absence of one tenant, the RTBA will accept an order from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), advising the changes to the tenant names. 

Transferring bonds to another landlord, property manager or owners

Transferring one bond to another property manager/landlord 

If a new landlord/property manager or owner takes over the management of a leased property, the incoming and outgoing landlord or property manager must:

  • complete and sign an agent/landlord transfer form
  • send the form to the RTBA within five business days of the changeover
  • give a copy of the completed form to the tenants or residents.

Agent/landlord transfers cannot be completed electronically; they must be completed on a paper form.

To generate this form online:

  1. visit the RTBA Online website (ensure pop-ups are enabled)
  2. enter the Bond ID number (found on the bond receipt). If the landlord does not know the bond number, please contact the RTBA on 1300 137 164 and provide proof of ownership.
  3. enter the tenant family name, select the type of user and then select 'Search'. This opens the 'Bond Summary' page
  4. select the 'Transfer this bond' menu item. This opens in a new page where you select 'Agent/Landlord Transfer'
  5. enter the details on each page and then select 'Generate Form'.

Once generated, the agent/landlord transfer form must be printed, then: 

  • signed by the outgoing and incoming landlord/property managers, and
  • mailed to:
    Locked Bag 007
    Wendouree VIC 3355

Transferring more than one bond to another property manager/landlord 

If you are transferring more than one bond to another agent/landlord, call the RTBA on 1300 137 164 and request a bulk transfer form be posted to you. The bulk transfer form cannot be generated online.

To complete a bulk agent/landlord transfer for more than one property (but not the entire rent role), you must submit:

  • a single agent/landlord transfer form:
    • write 'As per attached list', in section 1 (bond and property details) of the form
    • leave section 2 (names of tenants registered to the bond) blank
    • ensure the outgoing and incoming property manager/landlords enter their details and sign sections 3 and 4 (incoming and outgoing property manager/landlord) - these signatures must match with the signatories list registered with the RTBA.
  • an attached list of properties being transferred (unless entire rent roll is to be transferred) with:
    • bond number, address, tenants name and total bond amount for all properties
    • each page signed by the outgoing and incoming property managers.

If you are transferring an entire rent roll, you do not need to provide a bond list - you only have to send the bulk agent/landlord transfer form to the RTBA with:

  • 'whole rent roll' written in section 1 (bond and property details) of the form. This tells the RTBA to transfer all bonds currently registered under the outgoing property manager to the new property manager
  • section 2 (names of tenants registered to the bond) left blank
  • signatures of both landlords/property managers in sections 3 and 4 (incoming and outgoing property manager/landlord).