Repairs under a park site agreement

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Generally, all repairs to a dwelling are the site tenant’s responsibility. Any problems with the site or communal park facilities are the park operator’s responsibility.

This page is about part 4A site agreements. Part 4A site agreements are for people who live in a residential park, own a moveable dwelling and rent the site the dwelling is on. A residential park might be a caravan park or lifestyle village. A moveable dwelling might be a pre-fab home or cabin. Site agreements cover the land that is being rented for the home. Read more about site agreements in residential parks.

Repairs to a dwelling 

Site tenants need to maintain their dwelling and site in good repair.

The dwelling must:

  • be kept in good repair 
  • be safe to occupy
  • not pose a significant health risk.

The site tenant must keep the site in a reasonably clean condition except where it is the site owner’s legal responsibility to keep it clean.

A site tenant must maintain both the dwelling and the site so that they do not detract from the general standard of the park as set by the site owner.

Repairs to park facilities

Any problems with the site or communal park facilities are the park operator’s responsibility, and must be repaired as soon as practicable. The park operator must provide up-to-date contact details in case urgent repairs are needed.

The site tenant must notify the park operator in writing if they notice communal park facilities are damaged or aren’t working.

Site tenants can use the Notice to part 4A site owner (Word, 732KB) to notify the owner when:

  • there is damage to or a breakdown of communal facilities in the park
  • the site tenant or their visitor have caused damage to a site or facility in the park.

Read more about repairs to communal park facilities.

Forms you might need

To notify a park operator of damage to park facilities, use this form:

Renting law reforms

Victoria made significant changes to renting laws in 2021. 

Some of the major changes to laws about repairs under a site agreement include:

  • park owners must now repair communal facilities reported by residents as soon as practicable
  • site tenants can now apply to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for urgent and non-urgent repairs
  • site tenants must now ensure their dwelling and site are safe and do not pose a significant health risk

You can read about these and other changes in a summary of the reforms or in detailed fact sheets and guides. 

Sections of the Act

If you want to know what the law says about repairs under site agreements, you can read these sections of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997:

  • 206ZM   – Site tenant must keep and leave Part 4A site reasonably clean
  • 206ZMA – Site tenant must keep Part 4A dwelling in good repair
  • 206ZV    – Site owner must keep Part 4A park clean
  • 206ZVA – Site owner must maintain and repair rented site
  • 206ZW – Duty of site owner to maintain communal areas