Property manager guide - Lodging a modification bond

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RTBA Online is a safe and secure system for electronic bond transactions that allows you to manage bonds online in a quick and convenient way.

From 29 March 2021, a rental provider (landlord or licensed real estate agent) is able to request an additional bond as a result of a renter (tenant) requested modification.

This guide is for rental providers and explains how RTBA Online works for lodging a modification bond.

Before you begin

You must be registered on RTBA Online to submit a modification bond.  Register here or go to RTBA Online and click on the ‘Register’ button.

When you are lodging a private bond using RTBA Online (see Property manager guide – lodging a bond) proceed to fill in the details requested.

‘Rented property details’ include two additional questions to cater for modification bonds (Figure 1).

The first question covers whether the bond being lodged:

  • is a modification bond or not, or
  • includes an amount for a modification bond.

The second question asks for a short description of the modification.

Figure 1

Note: After lodgement, the details of the bond will include the modification bond details in the bond summary and can be viewed by all parties to the bond. The renters also see these additional modification details when reviewing and confirming a subsequent electronic tenant transfer transaction.

Visit RTBA Online or call 1300 137 164 for more information.