Resources for SDA support people

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This page includes important documents, forms and useful resources for specialist disability accommodation (SDA).

Starting an SDA agreement with a provider - flow chartStarting an agreement with your SDA provider. Full text version available below

For more information about your renting rights and responsibilities in specialist disability accommodation (SDA), call 1300 40 43 19 or visit

Step 1

Your provider gives you an SDA agreement OR a residential tenancy agreement.

Step 2

Your provider gives you the information statement that matches your agreement.

Step 3

Your provider explains the information statement to you. Your support person can also help you understand it.

Step 4

You have seven days to think about the agreement.

Step 5

You and your provider enter into OR establish the agreement after seven days.

Step 6

Your provider gives you a copy of the signed agreement before you move in.

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July: Legislation passes (Amendment Bill). August: Information statements and SDA agreement available. New SDA agreements submitted to Consumer Affairs Victoria. September: Easy English information statements, SDA and tenancy agreements, resources for SDA providers available.

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October: Easy English notices and forms available. December: All existing SDA residents have signed a new SDA or residential tenancy agreement. Transition complete.