Goods left behind in SDA

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The information on this page applies to SDA residency agreements. If the resident signed a Residential rental agreement, view Goods left behind

If the resident leaves anything behind when they move out, the provider must give them a Notice of goods left behind (SDA) (Word, 664KB).

Easy English guides are a summary of the notice written in an easy to read way. A provider may use them as they must explain the notice in a way the resident can understand. Download the:

The resident should contact the provider to organise a time to collect their goods. You can also do this on their behalf.

How long must the provider keep the resident’s goods?

The provider must look after the goods for 14 days from the date the resident gets the notice of goods left behind.

Can the provider sell or throw the goods out?

If the resident does not collect their goods by the date on the notice, the provider can sell the goods or get rid of them.

If the provider sells the goods, the resident can ask for the proceeds of the sale, minus the provider’s out-of-pocket costs. The resident can ask for this payment within six months of the sale.

If the resident’s goods are damaged, sold or thrown out in a way that is against the law, they can apply to VCAT for compensation. They can also apply for compensation if the provider does not let them collect their goods. Visit VCAT.