Christopher Miles - Court action

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23 February 2016
Court actions

A Melbourne-based online toy retailer has been banned from taking money up-front from customers until 2020, after consumer agencies received more than 140 reports from across the country about his business’ failure to fulfil orders.

Consumer Affairs Victoria took action in the Melbourne Magistrates Court against Christopher Miles, 25, of Abbotsford, seeking injunctions and compensation for three consumers who provided evidence against the operator of Toy Palace, trading via

Mr Miles is now subject to a final injunction preventing him from taking money for goods until they are supplied, and must pay:

  • compensation of $320 to two consumers; and
  • costs of $1500.

Mr Miles is also restricted to operating any business, online or otherwise, as a cash-on-delivery service, so consumers are certain to get their orders before they make any payments.

From January 2015 to February 2016, we received 60 contacts alleging that Toy Palace had accepted payments for goods, but had failed to supply them. Other Australian Consumer law regulators received 81 complaints during this period. In July 2015, we arranged for to be removed and released a public warning about Toy Palace’s conduct.

You can view the public warning on our Toy Palace – Public warning page.