Danielle Talia and Bond's Real Estate Sales Pty Ltd - Court outcome

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26 October 2017
Court actions

A Doncaster East estate agent will have her licence suspended and, with her company, pay a total fine of $5,000 to the Victorian Property Fund, after she and the company both accepted that they had knowingly employed a disqualified person as an agent’s representative.

Danielle Talia, 34, of Doncaster East, was the sole director and secretary of Bond’s Real Estate Sales Pty Ltd (ACN: 050 139 305), which formerly traded as Stockdale and Leggo Doncaster – Templestowe.

Danielle Talia was present at a 2010 hearing at which her father, John Michael Talia, was made permanently ineligible to hold an estate agent’s licence or act as an agent’s representative.

Despite knowing about her father’s disqualification, Ms Talia employed him in September 2012.

In late 2015 and early 2016, John Michael Talia was present at three auctions, where he acted in a manner consistent with an agent’s representative. He also held a company credit card and remained as a signatory on the company accounts.

In February this year, he was found guilty of contempt of the orders made against him in 2010.

Danielle Talia and Bond’s Real Estate Sales accepted that they had failed to comply with Victoria’s estate agent laws by employing Mr Talia following his permanent disqualification.

Ms Talia’s licence will be suspended for 12 months from when Bond’s Real Estate Sales surrenders its licence. Prior to the suspension commencing, she must:

  • not act as a licensed estate agent or agent’s representative for a period of 12 months following from when Bond's Real Estate Sales surrenders its licence
  • complete a Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) course relating to the identification of legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete work.

Bond’s Real Estate Sales has agreed to hand in its licence once all outstanding settlements have been finalised, or before 31 December 2017, whichever is earlier.

You can check a licensee’s current status on our Public register – search for licensed estate agents page.