Ishka - Public warning

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9 February 2024
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Consumer Affairs Victoria Director, Nicole Rich has issued a public warning about retailer Ishka, following a significant number of consumer complaints to the regulator in recent months.

Anahata Global Pty Ltd (ACN 639 275 175) trades as Ishka, selling homewares, clothing and jewellery via its website,, and a physical outlet store in Clayton.

We have received 38 consumer complaints from customers of the business in recent months. These include allegations that Ishka failed to:

  • supply goods;
  • provide refunds following non-supply; and
  • respond to consumer complaints.

Given the number of complaints and the serious nature of the issues raised, Rich believes the warning is in the public interest, and is urging consumers to be cautious when dealing with Ishka.

If you have not received items you purchased from Ishka, approach your bank or card provider. You may be able to arrange a chargeback, or raise a dispute with your online payment provider, depending on how you paid for the goods.

You can also contact us for further information about or help with Ishka.