Licence suspension and cancellation - conveyancers

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Conveyancers’ licences do not expire unless suspended, cancelled or voluntarily surrendered.


Suspension of a company or individual licence occurs because of:

  • the annual statement and fees are not lodged
  • the company ceases to hold or be covered by the prescribed professional indemnity insurance.


A conveyancer’s licence is automatically cancelled 12 months after suspension of a licence, if the licensee fails to lodge the annual fee and statement or is not covered by insurance.

A conveyancer’s licence is automatically cancelled if the licensee becomes:

  • an insolvent under administration (individuals)
  • a disqualified person under the Legal Profession Act 2004
  • a represented person under the Guardianship and Administration Act 1986 (individuals)
  • an externally administered corporation (company)
  • subject to an order that disqualifies them from carrying on a conveyancing business (individual or company)
  • a director of a company disqualified under the Conveyancers Act 2006.

Reapplying for a licence following cancellation or surrender of your individual licence

If your individual licence is cancelled or surrendered, you will not automatically be entitled to regain your licence. To re-apply for your licence you must satisfy the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) that you meet the current eligibility criteria set out in our Apply for a conveyancer’s licence – individual page.

Before applying, consider your circumstances carefully.

The BLA strongly advises you to think carefully before allowing your licence to become suspended, or surrendering your licence.