Office management and staffing - conveyancers

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Branch offices

Each office of your conveyancing business must be managed by a different licensed conveyancer, except where the Business Licensing Authority grants an exemption.

For example, an exemption may be granted if you can ensure proper supervision for conveyancing work and management of trust accounts at each office.

You must pay a fee to apply for an exemption. View our Fees and forms page.

Download and complete the Application for exemption from appointing a licensed branch manager (Word, 165KB) and Consent to national criminal history and other record checks (Word, 235KB). Lodgement details are on the forms.

Displaying conveyancing licence

You must display a copy of your conveyancer's licence prominently at each place of conveyancing business.

Managing your conveyancing business

Properly supervising your conveyancing business includes:

  • properly supervising employees
  • ensuring employees comply with the Conveyancers Act 2006, Conveyancers Regulations 2008, Sale of Land Act 1962 and any other relevant law
  • procedures to ensure your business operates within the law and good practice
  • monitoring your business to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and good practices.

Delegating responsibilities to employees

Any delegation to employees to sign and authorise transactions on your behalf must be written. Both you and the employee must sign the Instrument of delegation (Word, 89KB).

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