Change a limited partnership

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If your limited partnership adds or removes a partner, you must notify us using the Notice of change of particulars of partners (Word, 182KB) within seven days.

For new partners, all relevant information needs to be provided including name, address, ACN (if applicable), type of partner (limited or general), contribution, liability and capital outstanding.

For other changes to a limited partnership, you must also notify us within seven days, using the appropriate form as described on this page.

To change the: 

Note: a limited partner can become a general partner but on changing status, the former limited partner’s liability will no longer be limited. 

If a general partner becomes a limited partner, the limited liability will not apply to any debts or obligations incurred while the partner was a general partner.

Sign and lodge the form. Lodgement details are on the form.

Note: if you send forms by email or fax and they are difficult to read, we may request that you also send the original forms by post. 

Fees apply. For more information, view Fees and forms.