Limited partnership online form

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When to use this form

Use this form to lodge a completed and signed limited partnership form if you are:

  • Registering a limited partnership
  • Changing the details or particulars of a limited partnership
  • Giving notice of cessation of a limited partnership

Please note: if you lodge a form that is difficult to read, we may request that you also send the original forms by post.

You can also use this form to make a request for:

  • a copy of a certificate of formation and registration
  • a certificate recording a change in the registered particulars of an incorporated limited partnership
  • an extract regarding a limited partnership listed on the public register.


If a payment is required, an officer will contact you by telephone to obtain and process credit card payment details after lodgement of the form.

For a list of forms and associated fees, view Fees and forms – limited partnerships.

How to lodge

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