Complaint handling and dispute resolution - owners corporation managers

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Applying to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

An owners corporation must follow its internal grievance procedure before making an application to VCAT.

The tribunal can take a complaint from:

  • a manager or former manager
  • a lot owner or former lot owner
  • the owners corporation
  • the occupier or former occupier of a lot
  • a mortgagee of a lot
  • an insurer under a policy taken out by the owners corporation
  • the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria.

To apply to VCAT, visit the Owners corporations page on the VCAT website.

What VCAT can do

The tribunal can impose penalties for breaches of rules and make other orders, including:

  • ordering someone to do something
  • requiring the payment of money owed, as damages or restitution
  • varying or ordering a term of a contract as void
  • appointing or removing a manager
  • appointing or removing a chairperson or secretary
  • appointing an administrator.

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