Reporting to the owners corporation

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As a manager, you must report on all your activities in relation to the owners corporation and your professional indemnity insurance at each annual general meeting.

The owners corporation may decide on the contents of the report and how it is presented. The report should include:

  • details of current professional indemnity insurance 
  • fee collection issues or disputes 
  • interest or other charges applicable to late fees (if not in financial statements) 
  • details of owners corporations certificates issued, including fees charged for certificates. For a list of the maximum fees that can be charged, view our Fees - owners corporations page
  • a copy of the common seal register or details of the use of the common seal 
  • repairs and maintenance, or implementation of the maintenance plan (if this is not reported separately) 
  • unexpected repairs and expenditure from the maintenance fund 
  • details of telephone calls and correspondence from members 
  • grievances and complaints (if the committee is not responsible for reporting on these) 
  • insurance cover, claims and any commissions received for insurance 
  • management fees and additional fees 
  • anticipated fees for the next 12 months (in the proposed budget).