Penalties - owners corporation managers

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As an owners corporation manager, it is your responsibility to understand your legal obligations under the Owners Corporations Act 2006.

You must also understand your responsibilities under other laws that set rules for your business – for example, the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012, which applies to all Victorian businesses.

You may be penalised for breaches of the Owners Corporations Act. An example of an offence and the penalty is listed below.

We have a range of options to deal with breaches we identify. Find more information about our regulatory approach and compliance policy.

Monetary penalties under the Owners Corporations Act can be imposed by:

  • a court, after it finds charges proven
  • an infringement notice, issued by our officers. Find more information about infringement notices.

The value of a penalty unit is $197.59 for financial year 2024-25. This amount will change at the start of each financial year. For more information, visit the Indexation of fees and penalties - Department of Treasury and Finance.

Section of the Owners Corporations Act


Maximum court-imposed penalty for breaching your obligation


You must not, alone or in partnership, carry out any function as the manager of an owners corporation for fee or reward unless you are registered.

60 penalty units